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Moving day is getting closer, so are you excited? After some research, you have finally shortlisted the best packers and movers in Delhi that will provide you a safe and secure home relocation. But, there are still a few things you need to do on the go. Therefore, we have prepared a moving day checklist, reading which you can find out what your roles are for this day. Keep reading below for a checklist and tips for a smooth running day, which are explained here.

Things to do before the movers arrive

For a safe and successful relocation, it is essential to choose the right professional packers movers Delhi, Gurgaon etc. You can also make moving the house a lot easier if you’re prepared well in advance of the movers’ arrival. So, here’s a moving to-do list before they arrive:

1. Get up Early

Outings will be a busy day and your house relocation will be necessary. It is best to get up early, freshen up and get ready before the movers arrive. That way, you’ll have enough time to tackle last-minute errands and avoid the stress of the day. Make sure to go to bed early at night and wake up early to be ready for the day of house moving.

2. Pack Last Minute Items

Be sure to pack any last-minute leftovers to take home. After bath and breakfast, there may be some bathroom essentials, night clothes, bed sheets, kitchen equipment or utensils that you would have used in the morning. So, pack or keep them together so that when the packers and movers arrive, they can pack these last-minute items in a sturdy box with proper labeling.

3. Prepare an essential box

Since all of your belongings will be packed for house moving, you will need a few essentials for your first night in your new home. So, make sure you prepare an essential box or bag in which you keep your night dress, phone charger, plates and cutlery, toiletries, snacks and other stuff together.

4. Prepare the Appliance for a Smooth Move

Another essential thing on the checklist for moving is to prepare your equipment and furniture before the movers arrive. Defrost the fridge the night before, and remove batteries from appliances to avoid leaking batteries while running. That way, you’ll protect your belongings from being ruined by leaks and dirty equipment. Also, prepare furniture like sofa sets and beds to be quickly unpacked and packed. Also, remove bedsheets, sofa covers, etc. before the movers arrive.
5. Child and pet safety
If you have small children, it is suggested that you drop them off at a friend’s or neighbor’s place. They may get in the way of the movers which will make the process of packing and moving difficult or they may even get injured. You can also hire a babysitter who will take care of your kids. Some pets can become anxious with too many people in the home, so it’s best to have someone care for them in a separate room, or leave them at a friend’s or family’s place until the moving process is over. Let’s do it.

Things to do after the movers arrive

As soon as the packers and movers arrive, they immediately start the packing process. Here’s a moving day checklist for what to do when the movers arrive:

1. Meet the movers

Once the movers have arrived, you can meet them and have the team rehearse in your home. Mention any necessary information such as items you want to pack first, fragile items that require extra care during handling, etc. Also, go through the paperwork that the packers and movers in Delhi will give and ensure that all the details are mentioned in it. Watch your step. Check their inventory list to see if all items for packing and moving are mentioned.

2. Be kind to your movers

Having excellent and polite communication with your packers and movers can go a long way. As they would be working hard to move your house, you can prepare some snacks and refreshments for them to keep their energy up. Keep a liquid soap and hand towels for movers within easy reach.

3. Check All Rooms

Be sure to go through each room in your home one last time before the movers leave. Check off any essential items that you may have forgotten to pack. Look under stairs, in closets, cupboards, bathrooms, etc.

4. Discuss the best route from old to new location

After packing all the items and placing them in the truck for transportation, talk to the driver. Get his contact details and make sure he has the correct address for your new home. Give him the best route from his old home to the new one and confirm the date and time of the good’s arrival at his new home.

What to do After the Goods Arrive in the New House

Here is a checklist of things that you should do when your belongings reach it’s new home:

1. Unloading

Once the goods have arrived safely, the movers will unload the goods and reassemble the items that were taken apart for the move. The goods are also handled carefully during unloading.

2. Check Damage

Once all of the items have been placed in their new home, be sure to check them over to check for any damage. Check your inventory to make sure you haven’t missed any items. In case of accidents like damage or loss, you can make an insurance claim from the movers quickly.

3. Offer refreshments and a tip

Eventually all the goods have arrived and been placed in your house. Now the last thing left is to tip the movers based on the quality of services provided by them. If you are satisfied with their service, you can tip them the amount that suits you. You can also offer them some drinks and refreshments.

There are a lot of things that you have to do on your moving day, and we hope that this checklist will help you manage your moving day well without any stress. So, you can start preparing for the day now by knowing what to expect on relocation day, and also avoid any hassles. You can follow a moving day countdown to keep track of things you need to do in the weeks before your home move.

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